care reimbursement

Since 2015, I am a member of the foundation ASCA (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicines). The latter, maintains the link between therapists and health insurance and ensures monitoring of compulsory continuing training.

To benefit from this, the massage must not be a preventive or welfare care, but must be for therapeutic purposes.

My sessions may be reimbursed by certain supplementary health insurance. It depends on your contract and the method chosen.

To find out if you have the possibility to benefit from this right, you can consult the list of health insurers on the following site:
 However, it is best to contact your insurance company in advance to ask for confirmation.

Code to be sent to your insurance company – Ornouma Kirapon | RCC M813462

The massage is settled at the end of the session, and if possible in cash, a receipt in the format tarif 590 will be sent to you by post or Mail. It must be sent directly to your insurer.

ASCA | Tarifs | Massages
1.1 Avenir Assurance Maladie SA
(Avenir, CMBB, St. Moritz)
1.2 PHILOS Assurance Maladie SA
(Philos, Avantis, Fonction publique, Troistorrents, Panorama, EOS)
1.3 Easy Sana Assurance Maladie SA
(Caisse vaudoise, Hermes, Easysana)
1.4 Mutuel Assurance Maladie SA
(Mutuel, Universa, Natura)
 1.5   AMB Assurance-maladie et accidents
5 SANITAS (Sanitas & Wincare)
(Uniquement pour NATURA qui ne doit pas être confondue avec Natura R3)
10 FKB – Die liechtensteinische Gesundheitskasse
(Uniquement pour COMPLETA EXTRA)

Each patient must first inquire with his insurer
if the chosen therapy and therapist are reimbursed by their supplementary insurance.


Massages | Prices

30 minutes

60 minutes

90 minutes

Dos + nuque | Huile / Balm Thaï Forest 50.- 100.-
Massage jambes lourdes | Circulation lymphatique et veineuse 50.- 100.-
Thaï | Sans huile – L’Original ! 100.- 140.-
Thaï + Oil | Huile / Baume Thaï Forest 100.- 140.-
Oil | Huiles chaudes Bio certifiées 100.- 140.-
Massage Classique | Huile / Baume Thaï Forest 100.- 140.-
Massage Sportif | Huile / Baume Thaï Forest 50.- 100.- 140.-
Hot-Stone | Pierres chaudes volcaniques + huiles Bio certifiées 110.- 140.-
Herbal-Ball | Pochons d’herbes et épices thaïes. Provenance Issan 150.-
DUO massages | Deux thérapeutes thaïes qualifiées vous accueilleront
2x le prix 2x le prix

Massages | Prices

Dos + nuque | Oil / Baume Thaï Forest
30min : 50.-
60min : 100.-
Massage jambes lourdes

Lymphatic and venous circulation

30min : 50.-
60min : 100.-

Thaï | Oil free – The Original !
60min : 100.-
90min : 140.-
Thaï + Oil | Oil / Baume Thaï Forest
60min : 100.-
90min : 140.-
Oil | Certified Organic hot oils
60min : 100.-
90min : 140.-
Massage Classique | Oil / Baume Thaï Forest
60min : 100.-
90min : 140.-
Massage Sportif | Oil / Baume Thaï Forest
30min : 50.-
60min : 100.-
90min : 140.-
Volcanic stones + Certified organic Oil
60min : 110.-
90min : 140.-
Herbal-Ball |Pouches of Thai herbs and spices
Origin Issan
90min : 150.-
DUO massages | Two qualified thaï therapists
2x the price


Did you like the massage? Take advantage of very advantageous rates to extend the experience!

Sometimes it is necessary to benefit several times of a treatment in order to feel the benefits of the massage, a session does not allow to settle everything.

The Thai Forest Institute has set up a subscription system, which will allow you to save 10% for 5 massages or 10 massages.

Conditions :

The subscription cannot be used to benefit from the refund of the benefit with your supplementary insurance.

This opportunity to have a discount is only valid with a payment cash.

  • If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • If the appointment is not possible, please let us know as soon as possible, thank you.