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In principle, we will send you the digicode after confirming the reservation of your massage. If you have not yet received it, please ask us.

Thaï massage Vevey | Thai Forest

Oui bien sûr ! Mais attention, aucune demande déplacée sera tolérer, merci.

Pour le massage thaï, l’institut Thaï Forest met à disposition un habit de coton ample pour homme et femme. Pour les massages à base d’huile, le patient reste en sous-vêtements. Les parties du corps non traitées sont recouvertes, jamais nues. En hiver, une couverture chauffante est mise à disposition pour accentuer l’effet de chaleur et de détente. L’institut Thaï Forest met à disposition gratuitement des sous-vêtements jetables pour homme et femme.

Massage - Habit - Thai - Vevey

Massage - Habit - Vevey

As an ASCA-approved therapist, you can apply for reimbursement of your sessions by your health insurance company. Each patient should check with his or her insurance company before treatment to find out whether the therapy and therapist chosen are reimbursed by his or her insurance company (Code to be sent to your insurance company: RCC M813462).

Tariff 590 is a professional, standardized and transparent billing of services by therapists. This makes it possible for health insurance companies to understand the providers’ statements and to process them in a uniform manner.

This questionnaire is mandatory for patients who wish to be reimbursed for the massage by their complementary insurance (LaMal). It allows for the follow-up of the treatment and provides the necessary information for the billing. (Tariff590) – Description

The massage is paid immediately at the end of the session and a receipt will be sent to you. You will have to send it directly to your insurance company.

Oui. Notre institut est équipé d’un lecteur de carte sécurisé de débit/crédit. Nous acceptons les cartes suivantes : Postcard, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, TWINT.

Cependant, nous privilégions les paiements comptant, pour des raisons de diminution des frais.

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Between 60 and 90min depending on your need, but it is advisable to allow a little extra time for the interview before the massage, as well as for a smooth return to reality.

The absolute contraindications :

  • In case of disease or medication preventing blood clotting
  • In case of phlebitis, which is an inflammation of the inner wall of the veins.
  • In case of fever or flu, which indicates that the body is fighting an infection

In some cases, it is best to ask your doctor for advice before a session.

Before any massage, please tell us all your problems, even if it seems unimportant.

With or without music, you choose. We offer a very varied collection of Zen and relaxing music. Let yourself be surprised by these pure and calming sounds.

If we do not have an appointment after you, we can start the treatment with a slight delay. If on the contrary, another appointment is already scheduled, your care will be shortened or even postponed if the delay is too great.

Please let us know as soon as possible, in order to cancel it, as this may happen.

We do not answer masked calls, thank you for your understanding.

Non, en aucun cas. Merci de ne même pas le demander !

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